Sexual Harassment The Responsibilities of the Employer

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Sexual harassment in the workplace has become one of the largest issues within companies today. Both men and women commit the acts of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is no longer something that is just looked over. More rules and regulations have been implemented to try and put a stop to what some consider hostile working conditions. At no point should your job or career be put in jeopardy due to rude or indecent behavior. Employers should be responsible for making sure they provide a harassment free workplace and therefore they should enforce stronger and more effective sexual harassment policies.

Sexual harassment comes in two forms; quid pro quo and hostile working environment. Quid pro quo harassment involves making conditions of employment contingent on the victims providing sexual favors. Hostile work environment occurs where jokes, suggestive remarks, physical interference with movement or sexually derogatory comment alter the circumstances of the work place.

According to Edward Apodaca "Sexual harassment is a problem which can only be resolved when the corporate world recognizes that it is a moral problem and thus provides moral education for employees" (Apodaca 3). An employer's obligation with regard to sexual harassment arises before any act of sexual harassment occurs. Most, if not all states require an employer to post a sexual harassment prevention notice advising employees of their rights to a harassment free workplace. An employer should take all means necessary to prevent sexual harassment in their company. Who wants to go to work where they feel uncomfortable due to sexual comments and/or behavior? In Business Insurance Magazine it reads how "San Francisco still waits for regulations clarifying legislation on whether or not employers must provide sexual harassment prevention and training" (Anti-harassment 6). These employers should not have to be waiting on such regulations. Why is legislation...