Sexual harrasment agains women

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In today's society, sexual violence against women isn't a rarity. Every year, large numbers of women are becoming victims of some kind of violent act. This has caused sexual violence to become a growing concern among societies. Let us ask ourselves, "When will it stop?" Women always say to themselves, "It will never happen to me." If you were to look at the number of victims there are, you might come to the realization that it could, and it might. Sexual violence will not go away if we continue to let it happen. We as women have to stand up for ourselves and stop being such weak individuals.

Sexual harassment in the workplace has become very widespread. It has become one of the most serious problems across Canada. "Recent surveys of letters to the editor indicate that most women feel that sexual harassment is the norm and not the exception."

For me personally, I cannot believe that this is accepted by women. Women need to stop being so weak. We have to stand up and take action. This is not acceptable! Most women have male bosses. If they are harassed they tend not to report it, for they are scared to lose their jobs.

Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual advances, comments or requests that make one feel uncomfortable. "Sexual contact or threat of sexual contact or coercion for the purpose of sexual contact which is not freely entered into a mutually agreeable to both parties." It is difficult to know what ones perception of sexual harassment is. An arm around the shoulder to one person may not make them uncomfortable but to another it could be harassment. For me a pat or a pinch on a woman's bottom is sexual harassment. I feel we need...