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Demonstrate understanding of strategies for promoting positive sexuality.


Strategies for promoting safer sex and sexual health


Aroha and Freddie are both 17 years old and have been going out for a little over six months.

They have decided together that they want to take the next step in their relationship and have sex, and want to be protected against pregnancy and STIs.

Describe TWO contraceptive options for Aroha and Freddie.

Describe TWO methods that Aroha and Freddie could use to protect themselves from STIs.

Describe a sexual health service that is available at school or in the community for Aroha and Freddie to use.

Explain how correct use of safer sex practices as well as access to a sexual health service would enhance Aroha and Freddie's well-being and promote positive sexuality.

Dear Aroha and Freddie,

Contraceptive is a method or device used to prevent pregnancy.

If you are going to engage in a sexual relation, considering your age contraception is a must. There are many forms of contraception. Some of which will not be appropriate to you at your current situation. Some of the which I would not recommend are forms such as contraceptive implants also known as the rod, Intra uterine devices, and the Depo Provera injection. I would not recommend these forms to you as they are more permanent forms suggested for elder women who are in serious relationships, this is because they are needed to be prescribed by a doctor and can increase the risk of inheriting a sexual transmitted disease and /or infertility if you are using them and are engaging in sexual intercourse with many or more than one partner.

The two forms of contraception I am recommending to you, for use in your relationship are the condom and the...