Sexuality In Dracula

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Jan. 11 2002 Sexuality in Dracula Is there a relationship between eroticism and the evil being known as the vampire? Of all the assorted "monsters"� of fiction, the only one overtly associated with sex, is the vampire. The act of the vampire plunging its teeth into the neck of its victim can be seen as a sexual act. A bond is formed between the two in contact similar to the ones created during marriage and or sexual intercourse. Such an act of giving one self to another allows the two beings to become one. In vampire reproduction it is only the male vampire that is able to create other vampires. During this reproducing, the blood often symbolizes semen. After the initial "biting"�, the vampire allows his lust to build by denying himself the pleasure of the flesh thus exercising control of his inhibitions. Full sexual satisfaction doesn't happen until he completely kills his victim, withdrawing all the blood.

Female vampires have victims as well, but in this case there is no reproduction. There is a very strong link between sexuality and vampirism. The act of the vampire using its victim for its own pleasure is a very intimate act. The vampire has to invade its victim's private space and penetrate the skin before reaching the blood. The blood is sexually important or even arousing in this case, as it symbolizes the blood shed from a virgin during her first sexual encounter.

In the novel Dracula by Bram Stroker, sexuality and eroticism are frequently used as an important part of vampirism. Stoker uses sexuality in how he depicts the vampires seduction of their victims, the destroying of the vampires, the reproduction of vampires and by the thoughts and acts of the characters in the novel The first major encounter of sexuality...