Sexually Transmitted Diseases Report. Includes T.O.C

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I . Sexually transmitted diseaeses defined

II. Genital Herpes

III. Vaginal Candidiasis

IV. Chlamydia

V. Prevention

VI. Bibliography


A sexually transmitted disease is not the same as genital disease. Most genital

diseases are not caused by sexually transmitted organisms. But most sexually transmitted

infections do involve the genitals. Infection of the rectum, throat, and

the eye are also common. Alot of sexually transmitted diseases spread

from a single place and produce sores on parts of the body. At least a dozen diseases are

sexually transmitted. Sexually transmitted diseases occur mainly in people 15 to 30 years

of age. But sometimes people are born with it because of an infected mother.

People with a sexually transmitted Disease are usually at high risk for catching other

diseases. There are more male infections reported than female cases.

This is caused by

prostitutes and homosexual contacts. 50 percent or more infections result from

homosexual contacts. Other infections like syphilis, herpes, and HIV infection may be

passed on to the fetus or during childbirth. The fetus or baby can suffer from the disease

and can die from it. The helping of STDs has three parts: treatment, counseling, and

following up. Sometimes treatment is given in a single dose but in sometimes you have to

take it more than once. A person can still be infected even if the symptoms go away. That

is why a follow-up visit is important. To avoid spreading the infection the person should

not have sex until the doctor says that it is cured. It can take up to fourteen days. This

stops the Ping Pong effect.


This infection is caused by the Herpes simplex virus. The symptoms are...