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Buckingham Palace

Did you know that during the Second World War the Palace suffered 9 direct bomb hits? Buckingham Palace was completed in 1850s. It was constructed by Edward Blore. It was opened in 1703. It is where our Queen lives. Did you know that Queen Victoria was the first monarch to live there? There are 775 room which includes 19 state rooms, 52 royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staffs' bedrooms, 92 offices and 78bathrooms. Also Buckingham Palace has 1,514 doors and 760 windows; they are cleaned every 6 weeks. Today there are over 40,000 light bulbs in the Palace!!! Did you know that the only monarch to be born and die in Buckingham Palace is Edward VII?

Four royal babies were christened in Buckingham Palace!! A flag always flies above Buckingham Palace. If The Queen is in residence, then the royal standard flag flies. Did you know that the Buckingham Palace has its own chapel, swimming pool, cinema, post office, staff cafeteria and doctor's surgery? Although the Buckingham Palace is in London it has a strange postcode - SW1A 1AA it is quite like the House of Commons - SW1A 0AA. There are more than 350 clocks and watches in the Palace. Some of the staff lives at the Palace such as valets, butlers, maids, kitchen staff and some housekeepers are there full-time. There are groomsmen for the horses.