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Table of ContentsThe Hypothesis and the Aim_____________________________________________________3Campbelltown and executive summary____________________________________________4The Importance or Relevance of the topic__________________________________________5Methodology__________________________________________________________________6Information Gathering and Arranging______________________________________________7Interpretation and inferences____________________________________________________9Conclusion___________________________________________________________________10Evaluation___________________________________________________________________11Bibliography_________________________________________________________________12Acknowledgment_____________________________________________________________13Appendix____________________________________________________________________13Aim:"To Identify why patterns of crime in Campbelltown have increased/ decreased"Hypotheses:The patterns of crime in Campbelltown have increased due to reasons such as unemployment and family problemsCampbelltown is a suburb located south-west of Sydney, in the state of NSW Australia. It is positioned 51 kilometres from the Sydney CBD and directorial centre from the local government area of the city of Campbelltown. Campbelltown is a major commercial centre and a CBD of south-western Sydney and a part of the Macarthur region.

(Map of the location of Campbelltown)Crime defined in the Macquarie Dictionary is "an act committed or an omission of duty, injurious to the public welfare, for which punishment is prescribed by law, imposed in a judicial proceeding usually brought in the name of the state." In simple terms crime is when a person breaks a law or many laws.

There are three different types of crime they include:•Property crime•Public order crime•Violent crimeThe three different types are formed by many different types of wrong doing they can include anything from murder to theft.

The Importance or Relevance of the topicWhy is crime an important topic? It's an important part of this topic because it gives an idea of the crime rates in Campbelltown and it also shows us if the rates have increased or decreased. It also tells us the causes of the particular crime or a group of crime. Using the data gathered in this investigation the police and the neighbourhood can work together to reduce the crime rates and live in a peaceful community. Without this topic the crime rates could dramatically increase and the community will not be able to do anything to reduce the rates and will have to sit idol and watch all the criminal activities taking place.

April 2007 to March 2009Break and enter - dwelling, Campbelltown Local Government AreaMethodologyThe process by which I investigated my geographical issue and collected and analysed data involved surveying the public and researching creditable articles in order to test my hypotheses.

Primary sourceMy main primary source relies on the perception and assumption on the patterns of crime in Campbelltown. This data was collected through a series of surveys completed by 30 participants over 2 days 15 on each day. The surveys were given out to many different kinds of people in their own houses. The houses were located in a wide range of area within Campbelltown they included:•Ambarvale (5 participants)•Glen Alpine (5 participants)•Rosemeadow (5 participants)•Blair Athol (5 participants)•Airds (5 participants)•St Helens Park (5 participants)Ones I received all the completed surveys I manually put them all into an organised table for future analyses. My aim was to get the result of many different types of people such as rich the poor and the middle class. This method of collecting public assumption was selected as the most efficient way to understand if the crime rates have increased in Campbelltown.

Secondary sourceMy secondary source derives mainly from statistical websites and articles from newspapers and the internet. These articles and statistics collected were done so based on their credibility and reputation. The articles were collected based on their information about crime in Campbelltown.

Secondary sources make up most of my research material collected and sufficiently test my hypotheses in all cases. This research was cumulatively collected and the data was processed by adopting key quotes and Statistics.

Information Gathering and ArrangingHypothesis: The patterns of crime in Campbelltown have increased due to reasons such as unemployment and family problemsThe table below shows the results taken from the survey. I manually put it into a table because it is easier to analyse and also easier to understand.

PlaceGenderDo You think the crime rates have increased in your area?What do you think caused a Increase or decline?AmbarvaleMYes a littlePoor suburbAmbarvaleMYesHousing Commission (Drugs, alcohol)AmbarvaleFNot sure-AmbarvaleMNoBetter protection by the policeAmbarvaleFYesPoorer suburbGlen AlpineFNoMaybe due to the stimulus package people have enough money to survive and also because the people that live here are very friendlyGlen AlpineFYesRicher suburbGlen AlpineFNoGood neighbours and a peaceful communityGlen AlpineMYesRich suburbGlen AlpinemA little Due to the economic crisisRosemeadowMYesHousing commissionRosemeadowFYesPoorer suburbRosemeadowMYesEconomic downturnRosemeadowFYesLots of violence between neighboursRosemeadowFYesDrugs, Alcohol and racismBlair AtholMNoPeaceful communityBlair AtholMNoRegular police surveillancesBlair AtholMNoGood neighbours and regular police surveillanceBlair AtholFNoMiddle class citizensBlair AtholMYesSince the raids in Blair Athol some people have been leaving the area and the price of houses has come down dramatically which caused lower class citizens to move into the area.

AirdsMYesPoor suburbAirdsFYesRacismAirdsFYesHousing commissionAirdsFYesJuvenile jail centreAirdsMYesDrugs, alcohol, money, Bad relationships between peopleSt Helens ParkMNoThe protection of policeSt Helens ParkMYesThe financial crisis (unemployment)St Helens ParkFNoPeaceful communitySt Helens ParkFNoQuit suburbSt Helens ParkFNoThe combination of nice people and a middle class communityAccording to the table above the hypothesis could be a true statement because some of the people have said that unemployment (Financial crisis) and bad family relationships cause the rise in crime rates through out Campbelltown. Even though there are many different reason for the high crime rates, unemployment and bad relationships are the main causes. Why this is a real problem and what can be done to prevent this? Well when people are unemployed they have limited money funded by the government to fulfil their needs and demands to live a normal life. But the money given is not enough to live in a good house or have food 3 times a day so people usually try to steal or fall into depression. This could be why there are more crimes in richer suburbs but there are way's in which we can stop this by happening and it includes donating money or use full items to poor or disadvantaged people.

As explained before there are many different types of crime. Particular crimes can be seen in particular area such as robbery in rich suburbs, violence in poorer suburbs and graffiti in middle class areas. This can be seen in the different newspaper article that is attached in the appendix. We can clearly see that particular crimes are increasing in particular areas. For example the article on "Tags leave a trail" show us that their have been recent graffiti in Ambarvale which is considered a middle class area by many people.

Interpretation and inferencesThe data that I have gained for this investigation tells us many different things about the crime rates in Campbelltown.

The survey shows that 56.6% of people surveyed think that the crime rates have increased and the causes included:•10%- due to the economic crisis (unemployment)•13.3%- Poor suburb•16.6%- bad relationship, alcohol, drugs and racismThese are the main reasons for the rise in criminal rates according to the 30 people participated in the survey.

But 43.4% of the people surveyed said that they have seen a decrease in the crime rates around their suburb and the main causes for this include:•30%- Rich suburb and good neighbours• 10%- Police surveillanceThis shows us that with the help of the police and being good to your neighbours can decrease the level of crime in our suburbs.

The articles I found indicates that the crime rates have increased but this may or may not be true because mainly everything on the newspaper is negative and not always true. This is due to business techniques since people usually want to hear bad things about others or things that will shock them.

ConclusionIn conclusion what I predicted was correct because crime rates have risen due to unemployment and bad relationships. This is reflected through the different data gathered throughout the investigation for example the survey showed that 56.6% of people thought that the crime rates have increased due to many different factors.

I received this particular result because the Global Financial Crisis have made a major impact on the world economy and this can be reflected in Campbelltown because people are loosing jobs which then links with higher homeless rates which then impact the level of crime. It is like dominos when one thing collapse everything collapses so when unemployment raises homeless rates rises then crime rates rise.

The interesting outcome I came across was that 43.4% of people said that crime rates haven't increased and the main cause of it was rich suburbs and good neighbours. I found this interesting because I was expecting many people to say that crime rates have climbed heavily.

EvaluationThis investigation has made me think a lot about the crimes in the Campbelltown if it has increased or decreased and all the causes of it. It made me learn how to conduct a proper investigation and also to use your time wisely.

I have had success and failures throughout this investigation. Some of the success includes:•An understanding of the research process•Improved communication skills•Skills in the presentation of data•Create grater self-confidence•An enhanced understanding of geographical concepts•Found most of the resources in the local newspaperSome of the failures included:•Lack of information from the internet•Some of the surveys were not returned•Their was only one way to get primary data which was surveys•Lack of time because I changed my topic very close to the due date•Lack of graphs on the internet about Campbelltown's crime rates•Some questions on the survey were poorly constructed•I could only have one hypothesis due to the lack of resourcesIf I had the chance to redo this investigation I would research the information to see if there is enough information to have different hypothesis and to have a wider understanding of the aim. I would also stick to one topic and not change the topic 7 days prior to the due date because it will give me more time to survey more people and also give me time to find different data.

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