"A Shadow in the City" By Charles Bowden

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This analytical essay presents a report of a well-known book namely "A Shadow in the City: Confessions of an Undercover Drug Warrior", which was written by Charles Bowden. The bibliography appends one source in APA format.




III.Author's position on the Drug War

IV.Influence of the book on my personal views of the drug war



"A Shadow in the City: Confessions of an Undercover Drug Warrior" is a well-known book written by Charles Bowden. As evident by the name, the book deals with drugs, the drug war and an under cover drug warrior. The author of this book has touched a subject which has generally always been considered dark by many; and for that he has put forward the picture of a man who has worked extremely hard nearly all his life to put an end to the war against drugs. The author has gone deep into the mind of a person namely Mr.

O'Shay and has put forward many such things which go by ignored by a vast number of people. The reason behind writing this book evidently is to gain awareness and make the people give attention to the problems faced by the people who work on the front end of this problem. These are the people who begin working as people with good hearts and even better intentions, and then they are forced to consign acts of pure evil or just simple lose at their work. Every single evil act wounds the mind and the soul of that person to the extent that nothing is left except pain, wounds, and a guilty feeling that agonizes a man who at his heart may be a good person. Another thing which the author has tried to convey is the fact that...