"Shadow of a Dark Queen" by Raymond E Feist - a book report

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"Shadow Of The Dark Queen" by Raymond E Feist, which is part of the "Serpent War" series, is the book I'm doing my book report on. The cover of this book shows a man in steel armour wearing a helmet with horns, sitting astride a brown horse, over looking a burning city with thick black smoke in the distance. The initial impact presents that the man in armour is something of a leader, or the main character, but either good or bad, he is observing the city burning, and the reader doesn't know if it is with joy or sorrow.

The main characters are Erik, Roo, Calis and Miranda.

Erik is the bastard son of a noble, who hasn't acknowledged or denied him. He grew up in a small town, living with his mum in a small inn, and the owner Milo and his daughter are basically father and sister to Erik.

Since he was 10 years old Erik has been working as the smith, because the real smith was continually drunk 5 out of 7 days. Erik's half brother, Trys to rape and kill his 'sister' to annoy Erik, but before he can kill her, Erik and Roo catch and kill him, and then they run for their lives as there is a death sentence looming over them. I think though, what Erik did, was right.

Roo is a small ugly boy, who is quick witted and uses Erik's friendship as protection. He is a thief and a liar. He is the son of a teamster who continually beats him. He had planned to run off to Krondor, the Prince's city, to start a living, before he and Erik had to run for their lives.

Calis, even though at 50 years of age, is still a child...