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Book Report Shadow Moon by George Lucus (creator of Star Wars and the Indiana Jones series) and Chris Claremont (author of the X-Men adventures, the best selling comic book series in history) is a story of Mages, magic, and a evil plot against the young Queen Elora. Which Thorn (A wanderer) who is strangely connected to the queen, is called to figure out the plot against Elora. The planet is slowly being destroyed and she is the only one that can stop it but she could'nt care less.

Thorn (A sorcerer) while working at his farm is approached by a young scout looking for Elora's father, a Nelwyn sorcerer, but instead finds find Thorn. Thorn agrees to go but just incase it's a trap he brings along his partners: Gerlyn (a skilled Daikini swordsman), Bastian (an eagle), Khory (also good with a sword but also skilled in martial arts), Rool ( Thorn's miniture archer friend who's race are called Brownies), Franjean (also a Browine), Faron and some soilders from Elora's army.

On their way back they are attacked by a pack of Death Dogs.

They win the battle but some of the soilders are killed and so is the scout. But Thorn and his partners keep going looking for the Palace. Thorn and the brownies get separated from the rest but find the palace. The palace guards think he is a spy so they through him in the palace dungeon. The dungeon is pitch black and the guards think it is cursed with a demon in the walls of the dungeon. Thorn quickly uses magic to get his chains off and uses his Insight (a type of magic that lets him see through other people's eyes) to help him find a way out. Along his way through the dungeon he hears a voice but not that of Rool or Franjean's. But Thorn finds out that the guards where right and there is a demon in the walls. The demon says there is no way out except only he can get Thorn out but only if he does a favor for the demon. So he figures that the only way out is to the demon's request. Thorn has has to find the demon's child which is not really his child but more like his friend that talked to him. So the demon gets Thorn out of the dungeon to find his "child". But the demon merges part of himself with Thorn to make sure that Thorn dos'nt go back on his word. The next day Thorn goes to the palace courtyard to find Elora. When he arrives there is a party for her. He knew her since she was a child but when he confronts her she dos'nt remember him and thinks he is trying to kill her and yells for the guards. Luckily Thorn gets out on time but loses Franjean and Rool. What Elora dos'nt know is that her own guardian (Willow) and her own people are plotting to kill her. The next day she is going to attend a ceromony for her but actually Willow is going to assinate her at the ceromony. Over on the other side of the palace Thorn uses Insight and looks through the eyes of one of the guards and sees what they are planning. There is no time to warn Elora so he just trys to get there as fast as he can. Right when he gets there Elora is already at the ceromony.

He rushes in right when Willow shots, Thorn barely manages to push Elora out of the way. The guards rush after Thorn and he fends them off with his with his swords. He kill's most of them and protects Elora. But an archer has them in range and is just about to shot them but right before he shots he gets killed by Geryn who got there just in time. But Willow comes down and transforms into more of a monster called the Deceiver. The Deceiver takes Elora and uses a spell on her but it dos'nt work and the Deceiver throws her aside and Thorn battles him. But Thorn isn't even a match, because the Deceiver is so powerful. Even though Thorn dos'nt run from fights, he was two or him Elora and Geryn will be killed. The Deceiver casts one last spell which is a large fireball that he uses to start the village and palace on fire. Elora passes out and when they go outside they meet up with Khory but Faron did'nt make it. Thorn remebers that they have to find the DemonChild and they find her in a secret panel under a house and take her with them. They rush out of the city on their horses before they get caught in the fire. They make it and ride through the forest. Elora wakes up and thinks that they have captured her and demands that they bring her back to the palace. Thorn tries to tell her that her palace is gone but she thinks they just captured her and are lying to her. Later at night they are ambushed by pirates and taken to a tavern. The Deceiver changes back into Willow and puts out a reward in the country for anyone who finds the Queen. The pirates keep them there and are going to wait for morning to bring them to Willow. They almost kill Geryn at the tavern and also Thorn. But one of the pirates unlocks Khory and as sone as he does she knocks him over and throws him into a group of the pirates. In the distraction Thorn gets himself out and also Geryn, who is badly hurt. All of the sudden something jumps down form the roof and knocks out a bunch of pirates and frees Elora. They all get out and take a boat and go out to sea. Ryn who is the one that jumped down from the ceiling and saved Elora and the rest introduces himself. They ride along the ship through a terrible storm which they barely live through but make it to the shore.

They walk up along the mountain and are suddenly attacked by Franjean, Rool, and Bastian.

Rool shots Ryu with an arrow but Thorn stops them. They think the demon is inside Thorn but it's not and so come with them and they soon confront the Deciever and more guards. There is a big battle but Thorn and his partners win. And Elora finally starts to trust Thorn and she uses her ability to stop the fire from consuming them. But at the very end Geryln is actually a trader and grabs Elora. But Ryn is really fast and knocks him off of Elora. So Ryn and Geryln fight and Geryln cuts Ryn in the shoulder but Ryn dashes past him and badly injures him. Geryln stumbles over to the volcano near by and even though they try to stop him he falles in the volcano. And at the end Elora thanks Thorn and his partners and they all live happily ever after.

The end