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There are many pictures of the Apollo missions that some people say are evidence that N.A.S.A. faked the missions to the Moon. The shadows and reflections in a lot of these pictures make people say that there were two light sources, and that could only be possible if it was filmed somewhere other than the Moon. This is not the case in these pictures there are scientific reasons why all of these pictures have irregularities.

The shadows in a lot of N.A.S.A.'s pictures are very irregular. Shadows are supposed to be parallel lines, all going in the same direction, and be the same size. This is not what the Apollo pictures show. In the pictures taken from the Apollo missions on the Moon the shadows in the pictures are not all the same length and are not all parallel to each other. The people that believe in the conspiracy believe that this is reason enough to say that the pictures were not taken on the Moon.

How else could you have shadows that go in different directions and very in size unless you have two different light sources, which they did not have on the Moon.

If in fact there were two different light sources wouldn't that cast two different shadows from each object. The reasoning behind the irregularities in the shadows is simple. The surface of the Moon is not a flat surface it is filled with hills, dips, and holes.

If you take a picture of someone on a flat surface and someone on a hill the person on the hill will have a longer shadow, and it will be cast in a different direction. This is demonstrated by a very simple diagram.

This diagram shows how if you are on an uneven surface your...