Shadows by D.H.Lawrence

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Lawrence was born in England, in 1885. In his adolescent years he worked at a factory, until he fell ill with tuberculosis. At the age of 23, Lawrence had aquired a teaching degree, and published his first story. He married in 1914, travelled and lived in various states and countries, then settled in the south of France. Just before his death from tuberculosis in 1930, he penned the poem "Shadows". This poem gives readers a look into the undying faith he had in God, how he used that faith to accept his impending death, and his belief in the new life that awaited him. Lawrence tells us he is ready to die at this exact moment, knowing there will be peace, tranquility, and contentment from the pressures of life. He will no longer have to deal with the pain and anguish that came with his illness. Because God has given him a taste of rebirth and everlasting peace, Lawrence knows that his mortal life will be replaced with immortal bliss.

As each day passes, they seem to grow dimmer and shorter, and meld into a mass of blackness, a blackness that Lawrence knows he will slip into when his life comes to an end. He does not fear the blackness, for it brings an overwhelming sense of peace to him because he knows he is walking with God. He feels his spirit waning, wanting to be released into the waiting hands of God, by the drifting sensation he feels when nightfall comes. With the days becoming shorter, and the season coming to an end, Lawrence feels his time is near. All the sadness, denial, and anger are now enfolding around his being like a soft, melancholy ballad being sung as an exit to his life. Lawrence acknowledges he is...