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1. Executive Summary

Baby boomers live an active and intense lifestyle, while focusing on health and nutrition. Some believe they seek an healthy lifestyle as a caution measure to expected changing medical conditions. We believe our shake meets Canadian consumers needs, living a busy lifestyle, needing to eat on the run, not having any free time in the morning or at lunch. Furthermore, we've seen the demand increasing for products that helps with digestive disorders. Canadians are improving their eating habits as the days go by, which led us to create a new product to respond to the demand, creating "Shake to-go", a healthy cereal-based shake easy to eat wherever you want.[0: Magda Beranek, "Consumer Corner- Canadian Baby Boomers- Part 1: Profile of Boomers, Their Food Consumption Habits and Attitudes", Retrieved from, 18 Jan 2013]

Breakfast cereal's marketshare in Canada is dominated by our company, Kellogg's, which covers 43,41% of the market.

The most threatening competitors in our category are General Mills, Pepsi-Co (Quaker Oats) and Ralcorp Holding40.

The fact that we dominate the market of cereal consequently mean that we are well established on the top and especially in Canadians consumers' minds.

Canadians are today looking for convenient products, which fit the characteristics of our shake. They would be even willing to pay more in order to obtain services offered by our product. We are also proposing a 100% biodegradable packaging, though focusing on the same achievement all the way, which is replacing breakfast by a healthy, quick, easy and tasty shake. Also, as we have yet realized the "on the go" trend is very popular in Canada28.

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