Essay by mitra7777A, August 2014

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Professor: Ms. Angelina

Topic: literature

Subject: characters of Shakespeare's sonnets

Written and collected by: Mitra Heidari

College: St. Philomena

Date: 25/08/2014

Chapter 1

Introduction :

I'm going to introduce a God gifted poet by the name of Shakespeare . I have chosen two sonnets of him- sonnet number 18 "shall I compare thee" and sonnet number 142 "love is my sin"- to come to a great conclusion that his sonnets are not really what the literary meaning says. We should be aware that first of all a poet has a limited amount of words in a sonnet to convey his meaning so by choosing each and every word the poet wants to convey a huge information which as we go deeper we can understand and feel it better.

I'll start by an introduction to Shakespeare biography and going on through his works, style of writing, his death and the critics which arose after his death.

Actually Shakespeare never died and those who started to criticize him are those who believed he is dead. As he mentioned in the sonnet 18 till his poems are alive life is running in their veins and that blood is the blood which was injected by Shakespeare to them so Shakespeare never will die.

The literary comment will be given on both poems after that we will reach to the most interesting chapter to conclude about the sonnets deep meaning. In my opinion a great writer like Shakespeare who often called the English national poet and is widely considered the greatest dramatist of all time can't simply address a dark lady and the fair youth in their surface meaning and surely he wanted to open our eyes to the great world of reality such a delicate and amazing way through creation of a world...