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Neema Desai

IB English A1 HL

A Midsummer Night's Dream Final Essay

6 March 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream is a book bonded together with many different components that come to form a well known play. William Shakespeare's meaning on the word dream can be interpreted in many ways as it is something completely out of the ordinary. It can more clearly be signified through the characters Puck and Nick Bottom, and the further explanation of the word.

Puck or Robin Goodfellow is a fairy with magical powers to do many different things towards people and other fairies. Puck is described as a mischievous fairy with an act for humor but is also serious at his work. He has distinct qualities that change in what he is doing. When working for Oberon, the Fairy King, Puck is obedient and cooperative in his job, "Fear not my lord, your servant shall do so."

(2.2.276). Puck can also be a clown as plays many jokes on people, such as taking their chair away, or transforming their head into something absurd. Even with Puck's capricious state he instantly signifies a dream, as it is completely unbelievable for this to occur, as he is a fairy. When Puck uses his magically powers by giving the flower potion to each of the lovers and again to Bottom, he flies around making people fall in love with each other and transforming them into a donkey. These astonishing deeds would come from nothing else but an imagery character and in a dream of some sort. Furthermore, Puck represents a dream as he is the one who enforces these dreams by giving the people this potion for them to fall in love, "When thou wak'st, let love forbid/ Sleep his seat on thy eyelid." (2.2.86,87). Puck has changed...