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business-like, but with Curley's wife he "explored her neck". Slim's actions are very tender, this might be emphasising Slim's authority as the "spiritual leader" of the men and his gentleness contrasts with Lennie's sudden violence.

Red is mainly associated with danger, love, blood and sex. It is a passionate colour often seen as a way to appear more seductive. Red is a very emotional colour which attracts both sexes towards something. Curley's wife is described to wear "red mules" and her "red feathers." The colour of the girl's dress Lennie clung onto in Weed is also red and this emphasises the fact that the story is a cycle they can't escape. The use of the colour red links back to the girl in Weed that Lennie supposedly raped, this is a use of foreshadowing the event that will occur between Lennie and Curley's wife. Curley's Wife is unnamed because she is not worthy to have any sort of identification and a name signifies a relationship therefore she is not capable of having a name.

Steinbeck wants the reader to recognize the inferior role of women in the world. The lack of name demotes Curley's wife to insignificant status so, she is not important as the men in the novel. This extreme loneliness changed Curley's wife leading her to knock the confidence of those who is lower than her in status to make herself feel more authoritative and important.

Steinbeck wants to give the impression that the characters are speaking for themselves and telling their own story in their own way. The novel starts and ends in the same place. The structure suggests that the life of a migrant worker in the 1930's was a vicious cycle of working and then moving onto the next job. Steinbeck uses this technique...