How Shakespeare interests and entertains the audience in Act 2- Scenes 1 and 2.

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Shakespeare entertains the act by setting the theme of scenes 1 and 2 in darkness, which shows us that something terrible is going to happen in this part. It links us up with the fear that we would approach in the play. Mystery and fear rise as the 3 witches are connected with the hidden evil in this horrific section of the play. There is a feeling that some sin going to be done linking the 3 witches with either another person or another thing.

Duncan's castle is the castle of death as it is a spooky place and is a dull place to be. Many things could have happened there and probably will happen in the present or future. Duncan says that the castle has a pleasant seat and the air around it is nimbly.

The murder that Macbeth commits is a big sin probably connected with the 3 witches, as they are pure and hidden evil combined together.

Later when Macbeth comes back to their room he feels guilt and remorse in himself, as he is very scared. He was so scared he forgot to leave the daggers with the people of Duncan's room.

Shakespeare interests the audience by putting different kinds of characters like their attitudes in the play. He selects actors like Macbeth who becomes an evil person with his wife, Lady Macbeth, as they plan to kill Duncan. Banquo is like a true noble course, as he does not become evil like Macbeth did. The actual difference between Macbeth and Banquo is that they were both alike until the 3 witches came into the play. This is the thing that made Macbeth the evil person he became later in the play. Banquo in the play was a truthful kind man who always...