Shakespeare's Life

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The Age of Shakespeare

Mahnoor Fatima (ENG1DR)

Shakespeare's Life

Son of a glove maker

Average education

Presented his teachers as weird, ridiculous people

Had 7 siblings

He was the third child; first son

Did not attend university, because at that time, secondary education was sufficient enough

In his writing, he used a lot of nature, like flowers

Shakespeare's parents

John Shakespeare

Moved to central England in around 1550

Met and married Mary Arden, the youngest of 8 daughters

Started his own glove maker business and traded wool and meat

Joined the town council, and became a bailiff

He also applied for grants, to be called a 'gentleman'

In around 1557, he had a lot of fines stacking up, and so he stopped going to church and avoided anyone of authority

He was then expelled from the council

Mary Arden

Daughter of Robert Arden

Youngest of 8 daughters

Extremely wealthy

Lived in a mansion in Wilmcote

Life and culture in the Elizabethan era

Because of the influence of theologians, he often represented women as serpents/snake

Got visited by Queen Elizabeth I because of a festival planned for her

The Government would decide which clothing was allowed, people were not allowed to wear according to their own style

If the appropriate clothing was not worn, the government would fine you and you could have land loss

Type of clothing allowed for individuals relied mainly on the wealth, but also social status

Boys went to school, girls learned at home

Strict about religion

Entertainment was bear-baiting, theatre, and fighting

Open drains

Tickets would cost a penny (expensive tickets would be 6 pennies)

Puritans thought that the plague was sent for the people in the theatre,

Women were not allowed to act

His Works

One of his inspiration were his memories from childhood

Incorporates animals in his written pieces like Macbeth, and midsummer night's dream

Comedy: The Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Tempest, Twelfth Night

History: Henry IV part 1, Henry V, King John and Richard I

Tragedy: Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Julius Caesar

Poetry: The Sonnets, A Lover's Complaint, and Venus and Adonis

The Globe Theatre

Referred to as Shakespeare's Theatre

Build by capenter Peter Smith

Built in 1597-1598

Also know to be a gambling house

Race for who would be able to produce and show the play first

No copyright, so people copied Shakespeare's work

Theatre's were extremely popular

Stalls selling merchandise, refreshments

A lot of young people would come

Complaints arrived saying that people were missing work to go to theatres

A trumpet would sound to let the people know that the play has started

Used flags to promote the Theatre

Placed at the top of the building

Black flag meant tragedy, White mean comedy and red meant history

Sometimes, backstage people would whisper the lines to the actors, because they wouldn't have known whose line it was

2 most famous actors of that time: Edward Alleyn and Will Kempe

Other interesting facts

Lived to 52

Died on his birthday

Had 7 siblings

Got married when he was 18; wife was 26

Has no descendants

He put a curse on anyone who moved his body from The Holy Trinity Church

2nd most quoted writer

Shakespeare was born 6 years after Queen Elizabeth became queen

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