Shakespeare vs. Prospero

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Shakespeare vs. Prospero Shakespeare and Prospero are very similar in their works and the roles that they play. This is most evident in The Tempest. Prospero is compared to Shakespeare like magic is compared to writing.

Shakespeare expresses his art though his writing of this play. The actors and the words that are written down in the play are his own puppets and expressions. He is able to use each character and put them into a role in which he sees them. He controls the actors and what they do.

Although Prospero might be one of the characters of Shakespeare, he can be seen as the controller of the characters as well. He uses his magic to do things to people, which enable him to control the actions of the play. Not only did he put someone up into a tree, he shipwrecked some people, which was actually the beginning of the affects of his magic.

In Act 2.1, you are able to see how Prospero uses his magic. Prospero used his power to get people onto the island and then control them and sort of play with them in his own way.

There are several questions that I have. I am not sure why Shakespeare gives Prospero as much power as he does, is it so that Shakespeare is using Prospero as a pawn for himself or maybe even a self-image? How come it took ten years for this ship to be wrecked if Prospero was supposed to be this almighty person with magic? I think that the reason for this and all of the actions of Prospero, although their could be several different view points, is that Shakespeare uses Prospero as a self image. This is shown because just as Shakespeare is able to control the...