Shakespearean Tragedy

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Shakespeare I IDE 301

Instr. Ferid Şahin

26 Sept. 2014

Shakespeare in Love Movie: A Dramatic Impact on 17th century of theatre season and

Shakespeare for Audience

English literature directs world literature. It has many important poets, writers and

playwrights. Most of them leave crucial traces on literature. One of them is Shakespeare. All

of us heard him and his works. Either social or printed media makes reference to him very

much. And also, there are many fictional films about Shakespeare's life and his works on

cinema world. One of them is Shakespeare in Love directed by John Madden in 1998.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes are starring in the movie. Considering the actors'

performances, the film is above my expectations. It reflects the term with regards to the

costumes, settings, theatre trade and cast. Also, Actor Fiennes is quite like Shakespeare and

Actress Paltrow is pretty like his lover.

The movie begins with a subtitle that is

North of the city was the Curtain Theatre,

home to England's most famous actor, Richard Burbage. Across the river

was the competition, built by Philip Henslowe, a businessman with a cash

flow problem the Rose Theatre.

In the movie, there are patrons whose names are Mr. Henslowe and Mr. Fennyman. In fact,

they are merchants who try to earn money from theatre due to their playwrights. At the

beginning of the film, Henslowe is bastinadoed by Fennyman, because he does not pay his

debt. It shows that money is a significant thing for the patrons, not works (plays). The

playwrights are only the way of earning money for them. Later on, a chaplain gathers the

people and says theaters are the servants of the devil. Here, we see a religion against the

theatre. Ironically, when Romeo and Juliet is...