Shakespeares methods of characterization in act one scene two.

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Shakespeare uses the technique of sticomithia which attempts to lighten the atmosphere by introducing a verbal duel,eg whenever lady Anne says something cruel Richard plays her words making something good of it.he also uses flattery whilst anne is bitter about her husbands death richard intention is to create a light hearted atmosphere by trying to flatter her with compliments.

through these techniques shakespeare creates a conniving richard. The audience knows he is guilty of the murder of anne's husband but then he in turns around giving an impression as to project honesty and thus being a genteman.This makes him two faced. Richard also comes as being decietfuul, killing Annes husband "supposedly" to get her.shakespeare also uses his soliloquoy as a technique .Richard is been sarcastic,richard comes off as boastful,and mocking. He belittles Anne. H e is congratulating himself on successfully wooing Anne in the presensce of her father in law copre eventhough he is ugly.

His mood changes, he becomes jubilant. This shows that richard is truly devious and moreover un apolegetic ,he delights in his wickedness. Anne is very emotionaland sorrowful in her sliloquoy. She laments and mourns for her father in law. She isextremely bitter and curses the murderer,richard.