Shang Yang

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Shang Yang

Shang Yang was a very important figure of the Qin dynasty during the Warring

States period. During his time, Shang reformed the Qin in numerous ways. These

reforms were all in line with his Legalist philosophy.

One of his reforms was the different philosophy he had to the rule of law and

the importance and reenforcement of law. Hw believed this so strongly that he

considered its importance to be above that of a family's importance. He had the laws

engraved into stone in the towns for all to see so there would be no confusion.

His next major reform was that he introduced Land Reforms. These land reforms

rewarded farmers who the exceeded harvest expectation, but then enslaved farmers

who failed to meet expectation. Then those enslaved farmers were given as slaves as a

reward to people who met government policies. Shang also enacted laws that forced

citizens to marry at a young age and passed tax laws to encourage to encourage

raising multiple children.

But after Shang's employer; the Duke Xiao of Qin's death, there was nobody left

to protect him as he was deeply despised by the Qin nobility. So the next ruler, King

Huiwen, ordered the execution of Shang and his family. Yang had previously humiliated

the King when he was a Duke by causing him to be punished for an offense as thought

he were and ordinary citizen. So when Yang heard of his execution, he ran and tried to

hide and stay in a inn; but the innkeeper refused because it was against Yang's law to

admit a guest without proper identification. A law Yang himself implemented. Then

once he was found, Yang was killed by dismemberment.

Shang Yang was a very important figure of the Qin dynasty during the Warring...