Shanty Towns

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Good Afternoon Ms. O'Neill, Currently I am at a post office about 53km away from where I live. I am from a small favela in Brazil called Rocinha. I just wanted to notify you about the situation that we are in. Even though we are in the city, I personally think that we were much better off in the rural areas than in the urban areas. There are a lot more push factors than pull factors in my favela. No sanitation, lack of food and water, lack of medical resources, these are just a few of the many push factors of my favela. When I was in the rural areas, I used to dream about the city life. I thought there will be better jobs so we could earn more, education for me to send my children with the money I earned and then get them good jobs with their education, buy and supply my family with a good supply of food.... As you can see, all those reasons link up to each other. These reasons were the pull factors that convinced me to come to the city because without money, we will get no education or jobs or even food and water. We need education to get good jobs and without money we won't be able to pay the school fees. Therefore we cannot get good jobs to earn enough money to support the family. We will also not have enough food and water to nourish us. We could, being farmers, grow our own food but if we eat the fruits and vegetables we grow then we will not even have that little amount of money we were surviving on. This leads back to getting better jobs. Furthermore, lack of food and water could cause diseases...