"The Shape of Things," by Neil LaBute and directed by Barry Kyle

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"The Shape of Things," by Neil LaBute and directed by Barry Kyle

Of all the plays I have attended this semester, The Shape of Things, was the one in which I enjoyed most. I felt like the director was incredibly apprehensive about the way the audience would absorb this play, because I have seen this play portrayed in a much harsher way in which many would be alienated before the production even began. Though, this play as for as the setting, scenery, and feeling around the stage and actors goes was exceptionally appealing, something you would want to learn more about. The Shape of Things, based on two couples, turns the gender tables around--it is a woman exploiting a man this time. It discovered the beauty of art, subjectivity, and love. Considering that almost everyone can relate to one of these subjects if not all is an extremely thoughtful way to capture the audience's attention.

It would be an understatement to say that the actors were fabulous. All the cast members in the play portrayed their roles very precise. I felt like all the characters were believable. Yet, the actress that I found was exceptional was the girl that played Evelyn. It was through her artistic intentions that the play developed. The way she reshaped her boyfriend, Kyle, was my favorite part. It showed the stereotypical guy that is so easily persuade by sex. Although Kyle had his doubts about the transformation his girlfriend was forcing upon him, his vision was blurred by the fact that she would sexually satisfy him. The entire cast seemed to be very comfortable with each other, which I think is key in a play with so much sexuality and interaction between characters. If you are a strong feminist and lover of...