Sharing the Story of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. Essay for Confirmation.

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I chose Saint Elizabeth of Hungary because she was very selfless and kind. I also like the name Elizabeth. Saint Elizabeth was born in 1207 and died in 1231. She was born into a very wealthy family. She married at the age of 13 to Prince Louis of Thuringa. She had four children. Each day in the morning and evening she would tend to the sick, hungry and the poor. She spent all her own money to help the poor, sick and hungry. She became a saint on May 27, 1235. She died when she was only 24. Her feast day is November 17

The event in Saint Elizabeth's life that impressed me most was one time when there was a famine; she heard the poor, hungry people crying. She took bread from her own pantry to feed the hungry. When she was leaving her husband, Prince Louis, stopped her.

He wanted to know what she was carrying under her cape. When he looked the bread she had changed into roses.

Saint Elizabeth's special virtue was that even though she was born wealthy it did not matter to her at all. She served Jesus first. She was like Jesus most when she cared for the sick; she even took care of lepers. She showed love for others everyday by feeding the hungry, taking care of the sick, and clothing the poor. She even started a hospital.

I can imitate this saint today by bringing food to the food pantry. I collect the clothing and coats that I no longer wear. I bring them to my grandfather and he takes them to the women's shelter. Saint Elizabeth could pray for families to never be hungry and poor. The name Elizabeth is meaningful to me because my sister and my best friend...