The Sharpeville Massacre in the growth of international anti-apartheid resistance.

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Evaluate the significance of the Sharpeville Massacre in the growth of the international anti-apartheid movement to 1994.

Daniel Rappoport

Apartheid, justified as a policy of separate development for the different races, was a social engineering system that codified in law and defended with force, the segregation of the races and the domination of the whites. The various international anti-apartheid movements exponentially applied adequate repercussions to South Africa, however due to social, political, cultural or economic ties, moral upstanding was subsequently avoided for as long as possible. The context of early apartheid being set back in the wraths of the Cold War and the juxtaposing relationship between South Africa?s internationally illegal system and its economic attractiveness outlay the dilemma in which finding justice for the blacks during the years of apartheid meant. However, the Sharpeville Massacre of 1960 highlighted a turning point in international resistance, and as the campaign grew furthermore, the isolation of South Africa economically, politically, culturally and socially led to DeKlerk?s sense that apartheid was not a maintainable status quo.

The diametrical relationship of the internal actions taken by the Nationalist Party whilst enforcing their seven pillars of apartheid and the subsequent internal resistance to this, consequently worked as a unified force for attracting international attention towards apartheid. The turning point of this scenario however, was the Sharpeville Massacre of 1960 and its aftermath. This event set the tone for international responses, after worldwide condemnation of the manner in which the Police dealt with the protest against Pass Laws orchestrated by the PAC, in which they killed 70 people and injured over 180. Perry quotes in Apartheid: A History: ?this battle was to be vividly remembered amongst Blacks and Whites. Sharpeville had become an international symbol of Police brutality.? As a result of Sharpeville and the subsequent state...