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Of everything in the entire world I was born as a Buck Tooth Stapler. Everyone around made fun of me because I had been sitting in one place for my whole entire life. I waited for my turn to use my ability, but I was not quite sure what my ability was.

As I waited for my time to come, I met nice objects and met some really mean ones. I watched a friend go away and never come back. He was replaced the next day. I watched in dismay because I had been getting older by the minute in the exact spot I was first put by what ever put me there. I even had dreams about the time when I will have to use my so-called ability, which I'm starting to lose faith in.

I couldn't believe it; I saw lights that picked me up from my spot on the table.

It felt so good being touched by something. As I was in the air they opened me up from the inside. I could see all my inside parts. They had put things into my body. Then they slammed me shut. I could feel my ability getting stronger inside of me. All I wanted to do was to bite into something. They stuffed my mouth full of white soft paper. I bit down and I had left a mark from my teeth in the soft paper. At that time I knew my job was done.