Shattered Mirror

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Shatered Mirror is written by a young author by the name of Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. The story takes place in Acton, Massachusetts between October and November. Throughout this story, you learn there is room for shades of grey where you would think there is only black and white.

In it you are introduced to Sarah Tigress Vida- youngest daughter of the Vida line- as she hunts Nikolas- an infamous vampire who, many years ago, killed a hunter from her line- and befriends Nissa and Christopher Ravena- two supposedly harmless vampires and unknowing to Sarah, Nikolas's sister and twin brother. In doing so, she defies her mother Dominique and Vida Witch law. Adianna Vida- Sarah's older siter- warns her of the consequences of the situation and tries to protect her from both Nikolas and their mother, Dominique.

Sarah becomes torn between her friendship with the vampires and obeying the Vida law.

She tries to protect Christopher and Nissa from her family by distancing herself from them, but emotionally hurts Christopher in the process. Sarah soon finds out about her friend's relations to Nikolas when she gets her first chance to kill him but hesitated because of the extremely close resemblance to Christopher. Her moment of hesitation gives Nikolas the chance to attack and mark her as his prey.

The next time she gets the chance to attack Nikolas she is confronted by Christopher. Nikolas had convinced christopher to blood bond Sarah to himself. Unfortunately, because she is a witch and not human her witch blood attacks the vampire's blood in her system and hastily starts to destroy her body. Christopher turns her into a vampire to save her. Because of this, she can nolonger see her family or anyone from her line again, or they will try to kill her. However, the story ends with her leaving both her friends and family and going off on her own.

Shattered Mirror is written in third person. The story is nicely detailed and the plot is consistant. The events that happen in the book happen in present time. Amelia uses a couple of flash backs to explain present circumstances and her friends' dispositions. She goes back and explains to the reader why Sarah's family is hunting Nikolas. This makes a lot more sense to why her friends are uneasy about telling her of their past.

Fans of Vampire/ Witch stories and authors like Anne Rice would enjoy this book. It's plot is interesting, but some characters were not elaborated on as much as others were, like with Sarah's sister Adianna. She was a major character in the story line but you didn't know much about her. Amelia has the same writing style as Anne Rice, but does not go into as much detal with her characters enough.