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Shaun Palmer and Shaun White, are both professional snowboarders. Growing up in the same home town they both learned to love the game of pro snowboarding. On one hand Shaun Palmer is a little older than Shaun White, and has been riding a little bit longer than White, they both love the game equally as much as the other one does. These two guys have many differences between them, yet they are also similar in many ways as well. Palmer and White are two of the best snowboarders to ride right now.

Shaun Palmer is known to be one of the greatest riders ever. Shaun has been a competitor in snowboarding since nineteen eighty-five. He has been competing since I was born, sixteen years, that is a long time. This sport was noticed in nineteen eighty-three, which is when he began to ride, two years later he became a pro rider.

Palmer competed in the two thousand and one Grand Prix #1, in Mammoth, CA, on the halfpipe and placed in thirty-eighth place. He must of had a bad day, because normally he finishes in first place or close to it. For Shaun Palmer to have placed in thirty-eighth place there must have been something wrong that day. Although he has his bad days, like everybody does, he is by far the best snowboarder to ever ride down a mountain.

Shaun White is known to be one of the youngest riders ever to compete in this sport. Shaun White has been a competitor in this sport since nineteen ninety-three. For a kid who is a year younger than I, and is now a pro rider that is extremely impressive. Shaun White was seven years old when he became a competitor in snowboarding, that is completely insane. White competed in the two thousand and one Grand Prix #1, in Mammoth, CA, on the halfpipe and placed in fifth place. As a fifteen year old competing in such a big competition and ranking so high that is a great accomplishment for that kid.

Shaun White is an amazing snowboarder, and he has proven himself to us many times throughout all of his competitions. Even though the boy is only fifteen years old he is by far an outstanding rider and deserves to be where he is today.

There are many similarities between these two riders even though they are so different. Both Shaun Whit and Shaun Palmer were born in San Diego, CA. That is pretty amazing that two of the greatest riders were born in the same place and are now both amazing riders. What does that say bout San Diego, maybe that is where you should be born or live to be a good rider. Also they both love the sport they compete in, and don't just do it for the money. Neither of them ride for the money they earn in competitions they ride because they love to. Anybody who competes in professional sports should not just be in it for the money, they should be in it for the love of the game.

No matter how much older one is than the other, or how much better one is than the other, both Shaun White and Shaun Palmer snowboard because that is what they love, not for the money but for "the love of the game." In conclusion Shaun White and Shaun Palmer are both outstanding snowboarders. They ride to have fun, they ride for themselves, yet people like to watch them. But in all actuality they are two regular guys who are good at something and they show it. They know how to have a good time, and they do that by snowboarding.