Sheffield Theatres Trust: Adapting Strategy

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Table of Content1.Introduction32.Identify the main problem(s) or question(s)42.1Summary of Sheffield Theatres Trust case42.2Main problem(s) properly identified52.3 Description of strategic lenses and strategy development63. Gathering the facts83.1 Analysis of strategic capabilities83.2 Environmental analysis9PESTEL analysis9Porters five forces113.3 Expectations and purposes analysis12Stakeholders map12The cultural web134. The alternative courses of action151st alternative course of action152nd alternative course of action163rd alternative course of action164th alternative course of action175th alternative course of action185. Decision and reasoning196. Implementation of decision227. Conclusion248. Reference list241. IntroductionThis report analyses the Sheffield Theatres Trust (STT) case, which tells the story about the Sheffield Theatres, which are theatres operating in the leisure and entertainment business on domestic level in the United Kingdom. STT has faced several changes and problems in its existence. In this report the focus lies on understanding the strategic marketing developments of STT and on implementing new strategic marketing actions to gain more profit and success on a long term.

For this purpose, the five step method is the guideline of this case report. It starts with summarizing the case and identifying the main problems that occur within the company in its existence. The strategic developments will also be described. Then the facts will be gathered by means of different models of Johnson & Scholes (2006) and Ten Have. Furthermore, a number of possible solutions will be given to solve the problems; out of which one solution will be carefully selected. Then a description will be given on how to implement the chosen solution to the problems in the most efficient way including an action plan. This eventually will lead to the answering of the problem statement.

2. Identify the main problem(s) or question(s)In this part of the report a summary of the Sheffield Theatres trust case will be given as well as the main problems of...