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Essay by keyuri July 2014

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Sherry Turkle, aprofessor of the social studies of science and technology at the massaachusetts institute of technology, wrote the article "The Flight From Conversation. In this article, Turkle mainly discussed all aspects on how much impact technology has in the world today. One of the many examples that Turkle stated in her article focused on the convenience that technology has made on communication between families and friends. Everywhere people go, they mostly text or check their email via phones on the go. Even when people are actually hanging out with their friends, they still manage to keep some of their attention on their phones. Improving technologies also directly improves the daily routines, such as work, school, or just personal interest. In today's workplace a lot of people, especially younger people, show up to work listening to their music through their earphones. They often use their phone to hold conversations with friends while working.

Some employers feel this dual-task reduce work production. However, some students argue that there is ways people can improve their ability to text while maintaining eye contact with other people; but no research has been conducted to prove this scenario. As technology evolves, people become more dependent and dedicate most of their time on the latest communication devices to do most of the communicating and moving away from talking face-to-face with the person next to them. Sherry Turkle exposes and explains the effects technology has on human communication methods and how these effects develop new communication habits in this article.

Overall, yes I do agree with Sherry Turkle that technology has changed the way everyone communicates. I really feel new technologies create more efficient ways of communicating, but can make some people become lazier. Also, I do realize that everyone relies heavily on technology for communication...