Shield: Product Development in a Distributed Team

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Shield: Product Development in a Distributed Team

(Case study No: 06/2005-5285)

Assignment Case Study

Executive MBA

March 2009


Table of Contents

1Executive Summary �

2Introduction �

2Managing Global Complexity in the DRM Software Industry �

3Multiplicity �

3Interdependence �

3Ambiguity �

3Flux and Speed �

3The Cultures of Infotech and Professional �

3Organisational Culture �

5Culture Model - Gofee and Jones �

6Team Motivation �

7Performance Management �

7Goal-setting Theory �

8Performance Management Analysis �

12Bibliography �

13Appendix �

13Appendix A: Complexity �

14Appendix B: Macro Environment (PEST) of the DRM Industry �

15Appendix C: Geert Hofstede 5D model for India and USA �

16Appendix D: Herzberg Hygiene and Motivator Factors �

17Appendix E: Implementation Plan �


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Executive Summary 366

Main Text 2986

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Executive Summary

Shield is the code name for a Digital Rights Management (DRM) 'suite of software components for tracking and protection of digital property rights' that is being developed with the goal of having the language for expressing digital rights being accepted as the industry standard and then planning for their suite becoming the best DRM software on the market.

The development is being undertaken by two teams; Infotech is based in USA and the Professional is based in India.

Two of the key Manager's departed from the team prior to the software entering the commercialisation stage and a decision was made not to replace them but to employ engineers into the Infotech team. This decision has resulted in Infotech not passing on responsibility for the project as they thought they could do the work themselves; not recognising the value Professional brought to the project. Professional has attempted to fulfil their believed responsibilities but with realisation of the changing level of autonomy there was significant disappointment within the team...