Shifting jobs overseas, with outsourcing.

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First exported jobs were the manufacturing jobs. Today more than 2.5 million of high-technology jobs were lost because of their export by the companies of Ernst & Young, GE Capital, Oracle and Microsoft. Why are companies have exporting jobs in China, India, and other countries? Partially, companies are exporting jobs because, for example, in China and India, wages are equal of one-tenth of American wages for professional with similar skills and experience.

Exporting jobs affects American economy and people - today we can see the significant loss of jobs in the fields of engineering, accounting, information technology, stock analysis, radiology, architecture, science research and development - this is not temporal but permanent effect.

When manufacturing jobs were lost, economists made optimistic promises about service-oriented economy and so on. What are now, then professional services and high-tech jobs permanently moving outside of country? What promises can cover increasing gap in unemployment and number of poor Americans? How could poor and unemployment Americans benefit from the low prices of imported goods? Therefore, corporate strategy to export jobs brought to American people permanent problem of unemployment and rapid growing of poor population.

The expensive, highly productive, skilled, well educated and highly experienced American workers are not popular today on American job market. As I know, some Americans leave country because they found job in England or one of European countries.

Again, why are corporations doing that? Cheap labor, cheap benefits and legal protections, light taxes, cheap rent, or property. Corporations does not want to stay in the United States because they do not want "endure endless, punishing, government-imposed regulations that created huge difficulties to do business in the U. S. Taxes, workers compensation insurance are huge. Income-tax known as Social Security is making salary that on papers has six figures equal less than...