"Shiloh and Other Short Stories" by Bobbie Ann Mason: Failed Relationship

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To maintain a healthy and strong relationship you must have good communication with one another. Communication is the root to all problems and the key to all solutions. Once it is lost you have to work really hard to get it back. You have to be willing to talk through all your problems in order to move forward. If you can not talk with your partner then it is going to be difficult getting through the tough times. In "Shiloh," Bobbie Ann Mason, displays a couple going through certain stages in their lives while trying to figure out their future. This couple has been together for sixteen years and has yet to deal with their issues. Since the couple, Leroy and Norma Jean, were always to busy doing other things, it allowed them to always brush all their problems off. The lack of communication between Leroy and Norma Jean never allows them to connect as a couple, which never allows them to progress forward.

When Leroy hurt himself in an accident and could not work anymore, it made him come to realization about his problems he never faced before. Leroy was always away with his job and when he was home, it was just to rest up for the next trip out. Norma Jean was home more often than Leroy and was relieved about talking about their mess because Leroy was hardly there. Once Leroy started staying at home now, Norma Jean is the one who is out most of the time with her job and other things she has to take care of. Both of them were always too busy with their jobs that it allowed them never to mention their crisis. Leroy had always been aware of his family's troubles; the way he got it out...