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1. What is the implicit meaning of the film?

Stanley Kubrick portrays the holocaust lived by the Natives when Europeans came to the continent but also the current attitude of Americans toward Natives. It can be argued that the movie is about the desire of Americans to exterminate the Native race. In the movie, both Natives and Americans are represented. The first one is represented in the décor in things such as carpets of by calumets cans. The latter is represented by the overuse of red, white and blue, an eagle sign and an American flag. Later, Wendy and Dany symbolize Natives because they are dressed with earth tone and Jack symbolizes the United States because of his red jacket and blue and red stripped shirt. Also, the hotel is built on a Native burial ground and it is called the Overlook hotel.

By building a hotel there, Americans overlook the murder of the Native race which is the modern attitude in America towards Natives.

2. What are the strengths of this film? (Be specific and consider form)

I would say that the first strength of this movie is sound. First, the music is disturbing and saccadé and seems to announce what is coming. Something the sound makes Jack more insane than the visual, for example when he is typing. In that same scene when Wendy interrupts me while he was working, there is an echo as she talks to him. This shows that there is a distance between them. The dialogue also portrays Jack's mental instability. His tone is sarcastic, cold and despising. For example he tells her to "get the fuck out of here" or in another scene when he says that he does not want to hurt her just to...