"The Shining" by Stephen King.

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1. The Shining by Stephen King

2. This novel is primarily set in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky mountains located in Colorado. There are intriguing hedges in front that are carved into animals. The scenery is captivating. Huge mountains surround the hotel. The Overlook Hotel is colossal beyond belief and is alive, like an always watchful eye. It is very important to the story line that the hotel be in a place where, at some point during the year, they get to a point where they can not be reached by the outside world. This insures total secluded ness of the care takers from the rest of the world. At this point, the hotel is free to play mind games, show its ghosts, and all around, make the care takers go crazy. They can't run away from the hotel because they can't get anywhere on the roads. After the snow falls heavy enough to cover the roads they are trapped in the Overlook until the snow thaws.

They don't plow the roads past a certain point, which is critical in the setting. Had the roads been plowed, the care takers could have called for help and been able to leave before things started to get real bad. There HAS to be total secluded ness, no way to be reached by help. The hotel MUST be haunted. The care taker should be REQUIRED to have a problem within himself as well as with narcotics or alcohol. This gives the main character a point of weakness in which the house can take advantage of. A family history of abusive also adds to the protagonists list of problems which, in turn, adds another inlet for abuse from the house. The setting in this novel is one of the most important aspects of...