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Shirley Ann Grau During the struggling times of war, The Great Depression, and discrimination towards women's rights emerged the name of one of America's finest women writers, Shirley Ann Grau. Not many women during this time period had the chance of becoming a familiar celebrity face. Blind toward what the future had in store, Grau took a daring chance and use talents in writing novels and short stories. With every up there is a down, with every rise there is a fall, and with all the glory Grau still received lots of criticism. While most of the criticism was good, some of it was bad.

Shirley Ann Grau was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on July 8, 1929. 1929, the same time the United States began to suffer from the great depression. Raised in the wonderful and exciting city of New Orleans, Grau spent her entire years of grammar school in private institutions.

After deciding on Tulane University she shortly began writing stories for college publications, which inspired her ideas as a writer further. She also led a busy life during her leisure time getting involved in social organizations such as The Author's guide, Author's League of America, and the Phi Betta Kappa. After graduating with honors and receiving her bachelor's degree in English, Grau then married James Kern Feibleman at the age of twenty-six. Coincidently James just happen to be a professor at Grau's alumni, Tulane.

Grau really enjoyed universities and the thought of teaching so she decided to try for a Ph. D in English. The head of the education department at Tulane wouldn't allow any women to teach his assistants in his departments. Since the odds seemed to be against her in that field she decided to give that idea up. She later then tried her...