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Burn This Lit up the Stage I attended the play Burn This on the evening on November 19th in the Paseo Neuvo Theater in Downtown. The Center Stage Theater Company did an exceptional job in making this play a success in nearly every aspect. The stage and set design worked very well with the style of the performance, which was well accompanied by the lighting in the theater. The actors encompassed their roles with realism and emotion that made me feel as if I was watching a real live drama. Every line that was delivered, whether it was directed at the audience or being thrown at one of the other actors on stage, was done with strength and conviction. Even the movements on stage were done for specific reasons and had motivation, which made every action appear incredibly believable. The Center Stage Acting Company's performance of Burn This was a phenomenal display of feelings and emotion, and is a credit to the amount of talent that is thriving in the world of acting in Southern California.

Burn This is an extremely emotional and intimate play which worked beautifully with the Paseo Nuevo stage. The house of the theater provides seating at the same level of the stage, which is a three-quarter thrust stage. This setup placed the audience nearly on stage with the actors, making it possible for the audience to see every last detail down to the smallest smirk in one of the actors facial expression. Set and Lighting Designer Theodore Michael Dolas also did a marvelous job with making the set appear totally realistic. The furniture in the apartment fit perfectly together an accurately depicted what one would envision these characters apartment to be like. The lighting design was well constructed as well as the sound design. Both...