Shock Tactics From Government To Smokers

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Magazine Review - Craig Williamson (Week one Feb 14th)

Shock Tactics From Government To Smokers

Title of the article: SHOCK TACTICS ON SMOKING

Date published: 06:38 UK, Saturday February 14, 2004

Published at:,,30000-12990644,00.html (Web Link)

Published By: General Reporter (SKY NEWS)

The main features of this article are:

Putting off smoker's smoking

Telling people about a new campaign about smoking

Features some statistics about death and gets a general idea of what the problem of smoking creates and how many people it effects in the UK

This article highlights the effects on social and the nations health

This article sets forward a new government plan by people mostly involved higher up in running the country. It is shown that there will be a campaign to stop smokers but, only that time will tell. It may take a while to stop smokers from harming themselves and also, for the government to put their plans into place.

The governments plan is to place pictures of certain smokers health risks and, unhealthy lungs on cigarette packs, this will re-place the old word warnings. This idea has already been carried out in countries such as, Canada, Singapore, Thailand and Brazil.

Quoted from the article as follows shows a basic statement that proves that it works, "Research in Canada showed that the horrific images grabbed smokers' attention and made people more likely to quit".

Also in this article is shown some statistics "13 million Adults not including children in this country alone smoke, as a result of this 120,000 people die from smoking each year.

If this campaign doesn't work the government still plan to start new action plans to eventually fight to stop people from committing social suicide,

Mr Reid said: "We have already made a lot of progress with the new starker...