How to shoot a basketball.

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Have you ever wondered how the WNBA and NBA players get the ball in the basket? Well if you pay attention to theses tips it could increase your percentage of shooting!

First of all you need to practice the techniques close to the basket and gradually move out. The second step is to get your feet and shoulders squared to the basket. Make sure to keep your eyes on the basket and basketball at all times! Even if you are in a game situation don't flinch if a defensive player is approaching. Keep your head up and get ready to follow your shot for the rebound. Grab the ball and place it on your knee. Put your fingers on the black lines outlining the ball. Place you left hand index finger on the line. With your other hand place the dot between your index and middle finger.

This will help you get a better grip and rotation on the ball and will certainly swish the ball through the net! Pull the ball up to about eye level, either higher above eye level or below it. Just put it in the position where you can see the basket at all times! If you have a higher release there is a less chance of your opponent being able to block your shot. Bend your elbow to about a one-hundred eighty degree angle. Be sure that your elbow does not pop out. For that will cause your shot to go either left or right. Bend your knees to about a ninety degree angle; push off the balls of your feet. Leap of the ground like a spring. As you are jumping out from the air push the ball towards the basket. Be sure to have as much...