Are Shopping Carts Old News?

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16 September 2014

Shopping Carts Are Old News

The number of soccer moms and their shopping carts swarming in Wal-Mart is dwindling. As of late, Locavores have become a popular trend across the country. Locavores are people who try to find food that has been locally grown in their economy. Their influences on a healthier and cost-effective lifestyle are a trending issue. Though some may disagree, the locavore movement would benefit the community because of the fresher food, it helps the local economy and convenience for the community.

Those against the locavore movement argue that buying food from supermarket chains is cheaper than driving to a locavore stand. As seen in the comic written by Alex Hallatt, the penguin went to a supermarket instead of trying to find locally grown food because the supermarket was closer to the penguin's igloo (9). Because there is a supermarket on every single corner, there is no need to take part in the locavore movement.

Although for most people this is true, traveling to a locavore stand is definitely worth the trip. The food that farmers grow has a tendency to be cheaper than supermarket chains because local farmers do not impose taxes on their own produce. The local economy benefits from this because the money is going back into the community than the government. In 10 Reasons to Eat Local Food, Jennifer Maiser said, "According to a study by the New Economics Foundation in London, a dollar spent locally generates twice as much income for the local economy" (3).

Locavore movements impact communities by influencing a healthier lifestyle. The quality of the food is generally better when grown locally than in the supermarket. In 10 Reasons to Eat Local Food, Jennifer Maiser said, "Locally grown...