A short analyse on Emily Dickinson and her poems.

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Emily Dickinson was one of the greatest poets of American Literature. She is a 19th century American poet, was born in 10 December 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA. Only ten of her poems were published in her lifetime. After her death on 15 May 1886 over 1700 poems, which she had bound into booklets, were discovered. This should be a great online Emily Elizabeth Dickinson poems archive through the internet. This motor gives you another poem of Emily Dickinson everytime you visit the page: http://www.io.com/~smith/ed/index.html .

We know that Emily Dickinson had a lonely life. Because of her lifestyle we don't know much about her. We have only some letters that she wrote which points to her private life. There are lots of discussions that still goes on about Emily Dickinson's life. She was always reading books and we know that sehe was a good cook.

In her poems, she always talks about death.

Her situation of isolating herself from life reflected her self to her poems. And thus she became to reflect her inner self to those lines she created in her poems. In her poems as I mentioned above,she mostly mentioned about the death theme. Her pessimistic life was reflected directly to her poetry life and as a result of this fact there occurred pessimistic,gloomy poems witten by Emily Dickinson. Briefly,we can say that her isolation caused her to write death themed poems.

Dickenson ,in her life,did not experience many things no doubtly and this is displayed in her poems. She had a life lacking of many things like marriage,love or many similar things and this made her concentrate on only one thing which is the end of life:death.

However, her fame as a poet is no doubtly great and her writings are still being read...