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The last Judgment, made by Michaelo in the St. Peters Chapal shows many religous issues that were taking place in Europe during the time, but it does not show all of the issues. Many protested and preached for the reform of the church, because of what the church had become since it had started. People like Huss and Wycliffe saw how the church had become too worldliness and political, instead of religious. An example of this is when Pope Julius II decided to rebuild St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome; he had to increase fees that Christians paid for baptism, marriage, and funerals. The pope also permitted the sale of indulgence, which started at the time of the crusades, when Christians fought for relief from their sins, now was being sold. The last judgment, painted by Michaela doesn't show this issue either.

The painting does show some issues though. It shows how the church was trying to reform and change, and that they were using information from the bible.

The painting, last judgment, showed Jesus coming and separating the good and the evil on earth. I think that the church made this at the time to try to show people that it was still important to follow the faith, and not to convert or you might be on the bad side of the list.

People helped in this reformation. Erasmus translated the New Testament into Greek so that people can read the bible for themselves. Other people like Luther taught the bible at University of Wittenberg in Saxony, and tried to lead a holy life by sending his message of salvation and that indulgence were wrong, and teachings had spread across Europe. Luther went criticizing the church on its worldliness and posted the 95 theses, questions for date, on the...