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Analysis of Tim Winton's Cloud Street.

Tim Winton's television miniseries, Cloud Street, is about finding one's place in the world, and the search for the meaning of life. It displays the theme of belonging in terms of an individual belonging to; family, community, groups and acceptance and rejection from these communities and groups. It also expresses place as a source of belonging. This relates to identity, alienation and as a result to those things, self-chosen progression. Tim Winton conveys these forms of belonging by using camera techniques, special effects and also conveys these themes through the actions and the purposes of the characters. In the last 3 chapters of the miniseries, Winton begins to unfold the characters, and who they really are. This gives a sense of realization to the audience, but also to the characters themselves, for they have found a place. A character that this story focuses explicitly on is Fish Lamb.

Fish nearly drowned when he was quite young and that resulted in Fish having brain damage. Form that day, Fish always had a connection to the water that no one else could understand. This connection to the water, gave the audience a sense that the water is another character itself, or, that Fish and the water are the same character. It is evident at the very end of the series, that Fish returns to where he always belonged, the inviting, ever flowing water. A technique used to show Fish's connection with the water, is evident when Fish is in a row boat with Quick. The water seems to surround him, flowing into the sky and reflecting the stars. Fish lifts his hand to the sky and moves it as if through water. The stars move with his fingers, as if they are floating...