The Short and Long term affects of Marijuana

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The Short and Long Term Effects of Marijuana

By: Brooke Lockyer

Marijuana, a now commonly used drug, is sometimes perceived as an acceptable and may even consist of benefits. It is not what some say it is though. There is only one positive effect that comes from it that later still turns out bad but with that come all of the negative effects as well. Marijuana can be dangerous and is not a drug that anyone would want to mess with. The effects can be long or short term, either way it can be terrifying. A lot of people say that marijuana does not lead to death, and no not directly but the short and long term effects most definitely can.

The only positive affect that comes from marijuana is the high while smoking it, but even if one feels better while high, the way they feel after can make them feel worse than they did.

Many people claim that the main reason they smoke marijuana is because of sadness or depression, while yes it is true that marijuana during a high can make one happy but after it wears off one will return to their state of sadness or even worse then they started, which can cause a very dangerous cycle.

Short term memory loss is as well another short term effect of marijuana. While and after the high. "Research has shown that, in chronic users, marijuana's adverse impact on learning and memory persists after the acute effects of the drug wear off" ( The way people learn and obtain memory after being marijuana use is such a significant difference that almost anyone could notice which can cause problems for teens and young adults still in school.

Another short term effect is the panic and anxiety it can create...