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Charles Dickens


Charles Dickens was one of the greatest novelists in the 19th century. He was known

for excellent "sensible" writing and his ability to describe his society within the

characteristics of his figures.

Dickens was born in Portsmouth (February 7) to John and Elizabeth Dickens in the

year 1812.His life in early days was stamped through all kinds of problems, from financial

crisis to the imprisonment of his father. At the age of 9, he earned some education, and wrote

his first tragedy in school. After his father moved to London in 1822, the young Charles was

send to make some money at a factory. In the following years Charles Dickens began

studying at Wellington House Academy, London, and afterwards at Mr. Dawson´s school.

With constitutive knowledge of writing, he moved through several kinds of jobs. Then, after

being able to write shorthand he found employment at different newspaper agencies.

His last station was the Morning Chronicle in 1834 to 1836, as a parliamentary reporter. These years prepared the ground for his career as a writer. Publishing his own little magazines since 1830, he earned public attention. After his first Sketch was published in 1833, it did not take long until his first work of greater dimension. 3 years later he released collected works in a book called "Sketches by Boz" with astonishing success and married Catherine Hogarth, who he had 10 children with. Even though, his family life was not stable at all. He fell in love with another sister of Catherine and became good friend of a third one.

The time he lived in held both, depressions and tragedy in his real life and on the other side a lot of stimuli for his works. He stood in for mostly opposites of the Victorian...