A short biography of Alexander Graham Bell. Tells of his life and his relation to the telephone.

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Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3? 1847. Even though Alexander Graham Bell worked in Boston he was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. When he was born he did not have a middle name, he was Alexander Bell. Aleck, as he was called did not attend, did not attend school as a child, he was taught home by his mother. His first interest in spoken words and language was at the age of four. When Aleck was at the age of ten his mother thought that she taught him everything she knew, so she decided he has to go into normal life. Aleck wasn?t a really good student, but he liked to do experiments and discovering things on his own. He was very independent, in fact he was so independent that he decided to change his name on his own. He felt that there were too many Alexander Bell?s in his family.

He decided to add a middle name: Graham. Now he was Alexander Graham Bell.

The three important events in Alexander Graham Bell?s life that I would like to point out are that he was the person that invented the telephone. That is very important. If that wouldn?t happen imagine your life right now without a telephone, you wouldn?t be able to call anybody, you would have to walk to your friend?s house to pick up something and when you would come to his house you would then understand that he isn?t home, and you would have to do back. That would be just a waist of time. Now with the invention of telephone you can just call and save an hour of walking.

I would also like to point out that he is the person that started the school of the deaf. That school helped the deaf...