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Small Business Management

Business Plan: Part one

Business Name: EmotiaScapes

Business: theme restaurant

Target population: All ages, all races, with a focus on young adults- primarily college students.

Business Concept: To offer a friendly and eclectic environment to all individuals who seek entertainment, and good food as well as a creative way to have fun, and socialize.

Location: a diverse city type setting, not in a corporate type environment, but more of an "artsy" area, where a variety of people and professions can be found. San Francisco CAL. "A sidewalk Café"

A little about the business: Looking at the store front from the outside, an array of vivid colors will dress the entrance into EmotiaScapes. Large glass windows on each side of the door will allow passer' Byers to get a glance into the store. The word EmotiaScapes will of course be Boldly Addressing the top of the entrance way door.

Walking into EmotiaScapes, you will first be greeted by a friendly hostess/host, who will ask if you have a reservation for a particular booth. If you do not, you will be able to choose from a list of "EmotiaScapes" that are not occupied. Each booth or table has a specific theme. For example, if you are accompanied by your significant other, and would like to have a more romantic type setting, you may wish to choose form the more "couple orientated" themes, such as "love, Passion, or intensity." If however, you are with a group of friends, and are just looking for a relaxed environment, you may want to choose something like, "laughter, relaxation, etc." Some other theme EmotiaScapes may be, "heavenly, Fun, Tranquility, night, day, nature, winter, spring, summer, fall....I think you get the picture. The feature that really sets this "coffee house" apart from all...