Short comparison of Beowulf to henry, in "The Red Badge of Courage"

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Henry, in the red badge of courage, is in many ways the opposite of Beowulf in `the story Beowulf and in other ways they are similar. Beowulf's unparalleled bravery contrasts Henry's cowardice perfectly. Henry's thoughts throughout the novel are the opposite of Beowulf's epic boasts. Like Beowulf, Henry goes into his last battle with total confidence that he will win. All in all there are a lot of important differences and similarities between Beowulf and Henry.

Beowulf's bravery and Henry's lack there of, contrast perfectly. Beowulf has gone from battle to battle fearlessly and never lost. While Henry even before his first battle he questions himself. Beowulf's unwavering bravery in comparison to Henry's fear, shows how inexperienced he really is and how unready he truly is. All together Henry shows that he is not ready for battle and Beowulf's bravery shows that.

If you think about Beowulf's epic boasts and Henry's thoughts throughout the novel you can see obvious comparisons.

Beowulf's epic boast shows his bravery and experience. While Henry's thoughts show his cowardice and his inexperience. Henry's thoughts pulls his confidence down, and Beowulf's epic boast gives others the same confidence in him as he has in himself. In conclusion the comparison between Beowulf's epic boasts and Henry's thoughts is perfect.

Henry goes into the last battle with confidence, just like Beowulf. Beowulf's last battle showed his fall, and Henry's last battle showed his rise. Henry goes into this battle with confidence and comes out on top, while Beowulf goes in confident he does not come out on top. In conclusion Henry becomes a better warrior and Beowulf's fall was a perfect comparison.