Short Composition 2: Short Profile To sharpen your skills in profiling, your short composition in this unit requires that you write a 700-word profile of one of the characters in The Philosopher Kings.

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05 December 2012

A Profile of Josue Lajeunesse from The Philosopher Kings

Josue Lajeunesse is a forty-four year old Haitian man. He is also tall, bald headed, healthy, and fit. In addition, Josue is a hard worker, a loving family man, and a caring friend.

When Josue was five years old, his mom died but his dad provided a good life for him. The relationship between him and his dad was not only father and son because they were together like good friends. When his dad was not around anymore to give him advice, he had to do things by himself. When his older brother died about four years ago, Josue had to take in the responsibility of his brothers three sons and three daughters. When Josue left Haiti in 1989, his dad took it very hard. He had sit down with his crying father and tell him, "Dad, you have to remember one day you will not be here with me.

I will be alone and I have to be able to provide a life for myself and I will always remember everything you tell me and I will always practice all your advice" (The Philosopher Kings). After they talked, his father wished him good luck before Josue left for the United States of America.

Once in America, Josue found a job in New Jersey as a custodian at Princeton University. He also started his own taxi business, which he drives for after he is done working at the university. Josue confessed, "When I was in my country, I never worked hard like [this]. I go to my office [about] seven o'clock in the morning and around two thirty or three o'clock, I am done. I go home...